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There are several strands to Music at Edwalton Primary School. Children experience and use Music to develop skills of listening, memory, imagination, discrimination and spontaneity. These skills interrelate with and reinforce other areas of the curriculum.

Throughout their time at Edwalton, children experience a variety of Music tuition in class. Percussion is used by all age groups and sound patterns are developed, extended and repeated as a form of expression in itself and as an accompaniment to other performance arts. Singing is very important, with a whole school singing assembly every week. This is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration across the ages and develops children's sense of timing and tune. Furthermore children are given opportunities throughout their school life to perform in a musical/play as well as take part in 'On the Stage', an after school club provided by Rattle and Roll. 

Children currently have opportunities to learn recorder, guitar, drums, keyboard and wind instruments during lunch times and the school day. Children can learn almost any musical instrument taught by Peripatetic Music Teachers and have the chance to show off their new found skills in assemblies and dedicated concerts at the end of terms. At certain times if the year there is also a marimba (percussion) club which runs on a lunchtime. At these children can learn to read new rhythms and develop skills to play as part of a larger group.


Edwalton has two flourishing Key Stage choirs which enjoy singing a rich variety of popular songs, old classics and tunes written for the school by our site manager and resident maestro, Mr Reed. Our choirs help to support end of term concerts and assemblies as well as taking trips to sing in our local community and at the national Young Voices concert. Within the Trust, children also perform in a collaboration at the Trust Awards Evening.


Edwalton Primary School highly values the tuition and exploration of Music. As a subject in which children can achieve irrespective of academic ability, it has an important place in the heart of our school.