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Our new curriculum featured in Notts In Focus:

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At Edwalton Primary School, in line with most community Primary Schools, we work from and develop the National Curriculum to meet the needs of our children. We teach this through a topic-based approach, which is taught in a thoughtful and creative way. Our children learn through the broad range of outdoor educational experiences that we provide for them, which ensures that all our children are interested and motivated to learn.


At our school, children really matter. Every child’s ability is recognised, developed and rewarded. We strive to engage our pupils, add spark and energy to their lessons and promote a strong sense of self-worth. We maintain consistently high expectations and encourage children to be independent, reflective learners through their school life.


Clear procedures are in place to identify and meet children’s individual needs, providing extra support and new challenges where appropriate, to enable every child to fulfil their potential. Targets are set for individual children which are shared and discussed with parents. Additionally, staff meet in teams each week to evaluate their work and plan for the next sequence of lessons, ensuring that differentiated work will allow every child to make progress.


Please click below to explore how the Curriculum is integrated in different Year groups.

The school office or class teacher will happily answer any further questions you may have.