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Religious Education

The school follows the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Our aim is not to foster or nurture faith in any particular religion, but to promote a sympathetic understanding of the religions of the world through class assemblies and our work in classes. We feel it is important that children are given opportunities to explore the religious dimension in their lives and to develop a personal moral code. Parents have a statutory right to withdraw their child from religious education and assemblies but we strongly feel that all children should be aware of, and develop tolerance and sensitivity towards all religions and cultures.



We are fortunate to live in a society and school with many cultures and faiths.  We endeavour to reflect these within the school and to draw upon aspects of other cultures to enrich our curriculum and social development.  We try to draw upon the experiences and expertise of all parents and particularly welcome those who can share with us their knowledge of other faiths or ways of life.  The school, thanks to the work of key staff, led by Brian Owens gained International School Status from the British Council. We are partnered with Schools in Uganda, New Zealand and Spain. We regularly host international visitors, send staff abroad and hope to establish a child and staff link with a school partner in Spain.