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Maths is a subject to be enjoyed and so our aims are first to build the child’s confidence in handling numerical and other mathematical problems, and second to give him or her a sound foundation in basic mathematical skills.


We teach from the New Primary Framework and base our lesson plans around the Abacus Evolve scheme of work. Children spend time on a range of activities and tasks as a whole-class, in groups, pairs or individuals. There is an emphasis on mental calculations designed to help them understand numbers and the number system, and to handle numbers quickly and accurately in their heads.  The relevance of mathematics to life in general and not as an isolated subject is taught, wherever possible, though work in other subject areas.


Our school environment, the gardens, Meadow Covert Wood and Edwalton village lend themselves to practical investigations such as measurement and mapping skills. The animals are a valuable resource for maths projects monitoring growth and costs etc.  A wide range of skills is covered including calculation through the four rules of number: learning of tables, estimation, measurement, fractions and graphs.  Materials such as hundred squares, number lines, cubes, rods and a range of equipment for measuring length, weight, capacity, time, temperature, angles etc. are used by the children to practically investigate mathematical concepts.


Computers and calculators are also used in the classroom to enrich and consolidate skills.  Following clear teaching objectives and building on existing best practice, we aim to develop children’s numeracy skills to the full.