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We are very proud of our School Council at Edwalton. The members of School Council are elected by their Class members and come to School Council meetings every week. We do lots of different things in School Council, some of which you can read about below. One of our biggest tasks is the School Council Box, where any child in our School can write to us about any issues or problems they have. Members of School Council work together to fix them. 

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May 2018

Parking - a plea from our children

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are writing to raise a few concerns regarding traffic and parking around school. It has been brought to our attention that some of the children and their families have been feeling unsafe when on their walk to school. We have noticed that people are continuing to park on Wellin Lane and outside school in ways that are obstructive to pedestrians and other drivers. We would like to ask that parents please be considerate about their parking decisions and speed, to ensure that we are all safe. We would like parents to leave more room between cars, make sure that they are not blocking any other vehicles, or parking on the curb and furthermore, allow enough space for emergency services to gain access to school. School Council hope that this will make the children and families feel safer and would like to encourage those where possible, to explore all the other fun and healthy ways to get to school, as this will also cut down congestion.

Many thanks for your support,

School Council





November 2017

It was fabulous to see all the children dressed in their pyjamas and onesies (with the odd cuddly!) to support our school Children in Need appeal on Friday 17th November. Their enthusiasm and your generosity helped raise an amazing £344.47! This money will help support and care for poorly or vulnerable children across the UK. Thank you to Mr Owen-Jones and our School Council for organising the event.