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Our primary aim in Science is to equip children with the skills necessary to make sense of the world about them. These skills involve the development of an enquiring, open mind; a mind that is ready to ask questions, make predictions, investigate and interpret results and observations. They also develop a logical approach to problem solving; breaking tasks down into small sequenced steps and taking relevant accurate measurements.


We believe that Science is an integral part of most areas of the Primary School Curriculum, as well as a subject in its own rights.


All work is based on NC requirements for Science, which have a strong practical basis. They involve children in hands-on investigation and study; encouraging them to use their innate curiosity in order to explore the world about them in a scientific way.  We are very fortunate to have a wealth of natural resources to support children in their investigations. These include a range of animals, an adjoining wood, complete with pond, children’s gardens and a raised sensory garden area.