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We are moving towards Humanities being taught within a broad, balanced curriculum. Time, space and culture being the central concepts.  It follows that if Humanities are about making sense of the world in which we live, Geography, History and Religious Education will not be studied in isolation from each other. Much of the content explored in Humanities comes from the programmes of study as laid out in the National  Curriculum Documents but there is a teacher response to the opportunities presented by individual interests, local circumstances and current events.


The children’s learning within Humanities has at its heart the exploration of key concepts and skills within the context of people and their cultures. The Humanities teaching encourages enquiry, questioning, communicating, co-operating, researching and develops “critical” attitudes by using such skills as interviews, I.T., discussions, drama, audio-visual, sketching, map-making and working collaboratively and drawing conclusions.


Humanities gives real involvement of all ages and abilities within the class and school by encouraging direct experiences and first-hand knowledge in such situations as photographic and objective analysis, research undertaken outdoors, both in our own environment and further afield, and visits to local sites and places of interest.