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Our intent is that children not only develop their artistic skills and knowledge but also have the opportunity to express themselves and their individuality. We aim to give children access to cultural richness and diversity relevant to both our school community and the wider world.



We use a skills based approach to Art which ensures both breadth and progression throughout the different age groups. Wherever possible we use our unique school grounds to support the teaching of art e.g.  Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork in the woods, sketches of our farm animals and collages made from natural resources. We have an annual Arts Week at Edwalton with recent themes being ‘Africa’ and ‘Outdoors at Edwalton’. To celebrate the creations made during Arts Week we have a parade around the school grounds, to which parents are invited. Throughout the year artwork is also celebrated with displays in classrooms and around school giving children a sense of pride at their achievements.



Children develop the relevant skills appropriate to their age group which are built on throughout the school journey. Children have been introduced to a wide variety of techniques and materials. Through Art, children learn about cultural diversity and develop their sense of fun, creativity and confidence.