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Our intent in Science is to equip our children with the skills necessary to make sense of the world about them. These skills involve the development of an enquiring, open mind; a mind that is ready to ask questions, make predictions, investigate and interpret results / observations. Science at Edwalton is fun, exciting and where possible hands-on -  with time being given to explore during lessons. For example, in Y6 the children are invited to handle and dissect animal hearts, lungs and eyeballs whilst Y1s use our amazing outdoor space to experience a sensory woodland walk. In addition to these core activities, all of our pupils celebrate the wonder of science through other unique opportunities such as Science Day and Well-Being Week.



All work is based on the NC requirements for science which have a strong practical basis. They involve children in hands-on investigation and study; encouraging them to use their innate curiosity in order to explore the world about them in a scientific way. We are very fortunate to have a wealth of natural resources to support our children in their investigations. These include a range of animals, an adjoining wood, complete with pond, children’s gardens and a raised sensory garden area.



Year groups are completing key skills relevant to their age range, using scientific vocabulary (which encourages all of our pupils to expand their language skills) to enhance their knowledge whilst being encouraged to articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely. A recent book scrutiny showed all year groups delivering a wide range of exciting and engaging activities with some classes teaching science discretely whilst others linked it to the class’ overall topic.