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Edwalton Children First Curriculum


Curriculum Intent

At Edwalton our ‘Children First’ curriculum encompasses our school values (Sustainability, Creativity, Responsibility, Aspiration, fun, pride, perseverance and confidence). Our USP reflects our specific school value of ‘sustainability’ and threads through many learning opportunities. We utilise our unique setting and therefore, make full use of our woods and farm whenever possible and appropriate to maximising learning. We consider our contextual locality and plan activities around social equity to reflect the diverse context of the school. We embed Careers Education to raise aspirations and also have a robust Pupil Premium Strategy which provides specific support (interventions and targeted booster programmes) as well as financially supporting extra-curricular provision such as funded music and sports opportunities, the library bus and financially assisting school residential visits. We also use our site to provide life opportunities such as feeding lambs, bee keeping, having a personal garden whilst tackling issues around ‘the 30 million word gap’ creatively as well as through support. For example, the intent of the Year 2 big question ‘Fire, Friend or Foe?’ is to develop children’s awareness of safety, to develop their independence and responsibility (for example through fire-making in the woods) and also their knowledge of a key event in British history.


Curriculum Implementation

We aspire to provide all our children with learning opportunities that are both relevant and memorable. Teaching includes ‘hooks’ for learning and big questions to encourage pupil engagement. We aim to foster a love of learning through enriching learning opportunities, wonder and excitement. Utilising key texts also develops a love of reading.




Curriculum Impact

The impact of our ‘Children First’ curriculum is to provide the children with a relevant outcome, to develop key skills, key facts to learn as well as new vocabulary. Outcomes include Year 2’s fossil exhibit for parents, Year 5’s Space videos and Foundation Stage making scrambled eggs after learning about our farm eggs. The result therefore, is that every child is enabled to be ‘the best they can be’ and make outstanding progress. Most of all, we want to foster a love of learning and develop children who are aspirational and that have a moral outlook.

Year 1 writing - our farm

After visiting our farm, the children in Year 1 thought about why it’s so special.

Year 4 Greek Day, October 2019

'Curriculum First' update, 14.10.19

The children are having an exciting first term of learning! Year 1 have discovered a giant beanstalk at Edwalton, Year 2 have had a special delivery from the past; Year 3 have put up WANTED posters to catch the witch in the woods; Year 4 have acted out ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ to inspire their writing, whilst Year 5 have had a Viking campfire!

Year 6 Science

Taylor Wimpey project

As part of our 'Children First' curriculum, Year 1 have been creating a booklet all about Edwalton for Taylor Wimpey to distribute to their prospective buyers.

Aspirations Day, 25.3.19

Click on the link below to explore our day:

Recommended Reads

Mr Thompson invited three special guests to talk about their recommended reads.

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