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Art & Design


Our intent in Art and Design is that our children not only develop their artistic skills and knowledge but also have the opportunity to express themselves and their individuality in a visual or tactile form. At Edwalton, we give children access to cultural richness and diversity relevant to both our school community and the wider world. It is important for our children to be engaged, inspired and challenged, and to acquire the ability to make informed critical responses to their own work and that of others.



Our art and design curriculum at Edwalton is based on the 2014 national curriculum requirements. We use a whole school skills map for drawing, painting, printing and sculpture in order to ensure both breadth and progression throughout the different age groups. Artists from different eras are studies throughout school to give our children a balanced knowledge and understanding of art concepts. Wherever possible, we cover our art and design curriculum through topics. For example, water colour paintings of the titanic and colour mixing to paint castles. We enjoy using our unique school grounds, including our woods, farm and gardens, to support the teaching of art. For example, Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork in the woods, drawings of our farm animals, collages made from natural resources and tree sketches using different pencil techniques. We have an annual Art Week at Edwalton with recent themes being ‘Outdoors at Edwalton’ and ‘Diversity’. As part of our art weeks, all of our children take part in a workshop with a local artist during which they learn new techniques. The children also take part in art activities which reflect our local community and the wider world during our annual faith and culture day. Throughout the year, artwork is celebrated using displays both in classrooms and in shared areas giving our children a sense of pride in their achievements. Individual sketchbooks are used for research, practising skills, final pieces of art and reflections. They show each child’s art journey throughout school.



Children will have developed the relevant skills appropriate to their age group. They will have learned a wide variety of techniques and used many different materials. They will be reflective and able to evaluate their own and each other’s work, thinking about how they can make changes to keep improving. Through art, the children will have learned about cultural diversity and will have developed the Edwalton values of fun, creativity, perseverance, pride and confidence.