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Year 3 - Hazel & Lime

Hazel Class
Lime Class


In year 3 we have been looking at the art of Picasso. The children have created some fabulous Picasso style cubist portraits.

Thinking about racism

We have been learning about the issue of racism. The children expressed their thoughts using acrostic poems, posters and stories.

Working from home

Hazel Class have done a great job over the last few days. Keep it up - I am so proud of you!

Looking after our fish tank

Archaeologists at work

Year 3 enjoyed being archaeologists. A definite favourite was excavating chocolate chips! Thanks so much Fran!

Times Tables success!

Stone Age Snacks!

Stone Age Shelters

Year 3 had a great time making ‘Stone Age’ shelters - unfortunately, we didn’t have any spare animal skins but were more than happy to make do with more modern day materials!

Into the woods...

Year 3 have been collecting ideas for a setting description. “Into the woods.....what will we find?"


Year 3 have been putting up "WANTED" posters in our woods that they have written to help catch the witch. Amazing descriptions with similes!