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Year 3 - Hazel & Lime

Picture 1 Hazel Class
Picture 2 Lime Class

Working from home

Hazel Class have done a great job over the last few days. Keep it up - I am so proud of you!

Looking after our fish tank

Looking after our fish tank 1

Archaeologists at work

Year 3 enjoyed being archaeologists. A definite favourite was excavating chocolate chips! Thanks so much Fran!

Times Tables success!

Times Tables success! 1

Stone Age Snacks!

Stone Age Snacks! 1

Stone Age Shelters

Year 3 had a great time making ‘Stone Age’ shelters - unfortunately, we didn’t have any spare animal skins but were more than happy to make do with more modern day materials!

Into the woods...

Year 3 have been collecting ideas for a setting description. “Into the woods.....what will we find?"


Year 3 have been putting up "WANTED" posters in our woods that they have written to help catch the witch. Amazing descriptions with similes!