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The intent of our History work is to educate children to think more critically, ethically and become more aware of the Edwalton community and the world around them; to show them our past and stimulate them to make a difference in their future through our seven school values; to teach children sticky knowledge, that can be applied not only across our unique curriculum but so they feel equipped to contribute to wider society.  



Our History work is taught as part of our new and exciting 'child first' school curriculum. We use our locality and unique setting, which includes a farm and woodlands, where appropriate to engage and inspire children’s learning in all areas. An example of this is the unique work Year 5 achieve, using our woodlands to learn about the Vikings. The History work often overlaps with our English, leading to fantastic writing opportunities, for example Year 1 visiting Warwick Castle to learn about William the Conqueror (History objective of a famous person from the past) and then writing about him as part of an English learning objective. Children learn their History work in a fun and engaging manner, making the knowledge they gain memorable and ‘sticky’.  



Children gain memorable knowledge that is both relevant and appropriate for their age range. This allows them to cultivate and grow holistically, making historical links through time, which arms them with knowledge, drive and techniques they can apply in later life. Pupil interviews and book looks have demonstrated that History work at Edwalton is memorable, purposeful, engaging and fun.