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Making a difference, every day

Year 1 - Holly & Oak

What makes us different?

Year 1 children started ‘Diversity Week’ by learning all about what makes them different to everyone else in the class. They completed a carousel of activities and concluded that our appearance isn’t a deciding factor at how good we are at a variety of challenges!

It's a mystery!

The children in Year 1 have had an eventful day! A phone call from Mr Reed about a mysterious sighting in the school woods has the children puzzled! I wonder what it could be inside the rocket?

Our Healthy Fuddle

We enjoyed bringing in and sharing healthy snacks as part of our Wellbeing Week.

All about Edwalton

Year 1 have been writing about Edwalton and have created a wonderful leaflet for Taylor Wimpey all about the area.

The Five Senses

Year 1 have had lots of fun tasting crisps! They have been looking at the five senses of the human body, including our investigation to see if you can identify different flavours with just the sense of taste.

The Naughty Bus

Year 1 have been out in our locality to innovate our key text ‘Naughty Bus’. They have used some key Geography skills to locate and then plot where the mischievous bus has been and what he has been up to! This afternoon, we will use some adverbs to write about his new adventures!

We have had a busy week!

Happy World Book Day

...from the amazing characters of Oak Class and the Fat Cat in the Hat!

Taking Maths outdoors

Year 1 have done some fantastic outdoor Maths today. We have had a vocabulary-rich lesson, learning all about measurement. The children compared sticks from our woodland for length and then put themselves in height order. Some great mathematical language 😊

Reading challenge




Some fantastic photos from our reading challenge so far...keep them coming!
It’s brilliant to see you reading lots of different things in different places😊.

Superstars! Shine, star, shine...

Dragon in the woods!

The children have discovered a dragon in the woods! Mr Reed had to put out the flames and showed us the claw marks. The children created their own woodland dragon, which lead to some great vocabulary. Here are some examples of the child initiated learning, traps and warning posters.

Enjoying our new playground

Castles roleplay

We used role play to show our skills at both attacking and defending a castle. The children had some fantastic ideas! 

Warwick Castle, 4.10.18