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Competitive Calendar

We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme where children can opt in to clubs and activities to further their experiences as well as providing opportunities for children to compete at inter-school events.


We can boast an extensive competition calendar. We attend fixtures under the Rushcliffe School Sports Partnership and Flying High Trust. We aim to provide opportunities for all our children to have represented Team Edwalton by the time they leave at the end of year 6.


Y6 physical activity festival

Y3/4 Mini Biathlon

Y3/4 Tag Festival

Y5/6 Tag Rugby Festival

Y5/6 Tag Competition

Y5/6 Cross Country team relays

Y5/6 KS2 Inclusive Festival

Y5/6 Mini Biathlon

Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Y5/6 Hockey

Y2 Gym Festival

Y5/6 Cross Country Champs

Y5/6 Girls Football

Y3/4 girls futsal

Y5/6 Boys Football

Y3/4 Sports Hall Athletics

Y5/6 Indoor Rowing

Y3/4 Invasion games festival

Y5/6 In2Hockey

Y3/4 Quick Sticks

KS2 Cross Country Relays

Y5/6 Mini Basketball

Y5/6 High 5 netball

Y6 7-a-side Netball

Y5/6 Tri Golf Festival

KS2 Boccia

KS2 Inclusion Festival

Festival of Girls Tag Rugby

Y3/4 Mini Tennis

Trust Athletics

Girls Indoor Cricket Festival

Y5/6 Indoor Cricket Festival Boys

Y5/6 Indoor Cricket Competition Boys

Y5/6 Rounders

Y4/5 Quad Kids Athletics

Family/Area Athletics Y2-6

Y2 Top Link Multi Sports Festival

Year 3/4 Multi Sports

Year 6 Kwik

Year 6 Friendly Cricket- 8