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Transient art

The Journey Home hook lesson

Seasonal changes in our woods 1.7.22

Eco Day in Foundation 20.5.22

Making Pizza 25.5.22

Rosie's Walk 28.4.22 Foundation loved innovating the story Rosie’s Walk.

Woodland drumming 6.5.22

Teeth! 6.5.22 Foundation have been learning all about how to keep their teeth

Foundation using 'First, Next and Now' boards to represent the adding stories 1

Or Edwalton Egg Stars! Spring 2022 Being creative with our Edwalton eggs...

We’re going on a Bug Hunt! We’re not scared! 25.3.22

The Fire Brigade visit Foundation 4.3.22

We buried a time capsule in the woods to dig up in Year 6. 10.2.22

Playing to Learn

Making our own animals using natural resources! 26.11.21

Beegu 11.1.22

Mysterious objects in our woods 7.1.22

Foundation had a visit from an Ambulance and their crew 5.11.21

A trap to catch Evil Pea! November 2021

Foundation have been learning interesting facts about dinosaurs. During 'Playing to Learn Time' they made dinosaur lands using lots of different resources.

The children in Foundation have been developing their fine motor skills!

Well you’ll never guess what our CCTV showed?! A dinosaur in school! Foundation have spent the week searching for evidence and clues whilst making WANTED posters and traps to try and catch it! We haven’t managed it yet….

Would you trust your friends? FS2 had a great time using their senses to explore the woods this morning while blindfolded!