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Primary School

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Year 4

Year 4 really enjoyed their maths lesson in the woods, consolidating their learning on length and perimeter. The children made shapes out of sticks and then calculated their perimeters. We had a challenge to see who could make the shape with the biggest perimeter and who could make a shape with the smallest perimeter! 

Christmas jumper day!

Year 4 had a brilliant time in the woods this afternoon. We went for a relaxing walk and reflected on our day.

Science Day

What a brilliant science day! We started off by trying out some Greek foods and then we learnt where the food went in our body! The children loved learning about the digestive system- especially the rather disgusting parts. We did a really fun experiment with tights to show the food travelling through the intestines and coming out as poo! If you want to try this experiment, here is a link to show it:
After, we imagined that we were a bit of Greek food travelling through the digestive system and wrote it as a diary.

Year 4 showed off their new knowledge of Roman Numerals this morning by using sticks to make a Roman Numerals number line outside. Great work,Year 4!

Year 4 have had a brilliant time in the woods role playing 'Theseus and the Minotaur'.

This week, we have been using the book ‘Here We Are’ to reflect on the world around us and the things that are important to us. The children have made a great start on filling in their wellbeing journals and have written some lovely poems based on Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a wonderful world’.