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Year 1 - Holly & Oak

Our favourite lessons

Year 1 have been reliving some of their favourite lessons from this year. This afternoon, they walked the alpacas and fed some of the animals from the farm. They originally did this in Spring, when we found out ‘why our farm is special’.

Making memories

Year 1 have been writing about all the things they enjoyed during the year! It’s lovely to see the extensive list of wonderful memories made!

Alpaca shearing

Year 1 have watched the Alpacas getting sheared today! All part and parcel of the valuable enrichment and learning stimulus our school farm provides.

Family trees

Well done to Year 1, who have been doing some home learning on family trees. Here are two examples of their great work.

Carrot Club

Year 1 have been using the story of ‘Carrot Club’ for their learning. Have a look at some of the awesome carrots they have made! The finished carrots echo the message of the story, which is that although all carrots (and other vegetables!) are different, they are all equal :)

The Naughty Bus

Year 1 have been innovating our key text ‘Naughty Bus’. They have thought about what chaos he might cause around our school, including picking flowers out of the gardens and annoying the chickens.

Working hard in PE

Holly & Oak Class have shown off their agility, balance and coordination today! Here are some snaps of them in PE!

Mr Men!

Year 1 have been busy this morning! There was evidence scattered around our school that the Mr Men characters have been! Can you guess which ones?

'Chewbacca's Walk'

Faith and Culture Day

Year 1 had a fantastic Faith and Culture Day!

The Little Red Hen

Year 1 received a mysterious letter from The Little Red Hen. She needed help to bake bread so we all got to work. We organised our instructions with adverbs of time and got baking. A fab start to the week!

Alpaca walking

Year 1 have been enjoying spending time on the school farm and walking our alpacas.

A Snowman at Sunset

The Dragon Machine

After reading ‘The Dragon Machine’, Year 1 walked around our school grounds to explore ideas of where the mischievous dragons might be!

Primary Colours

Year 1 have had a fabulous morning mixing primary colours to find secondary colours. They even managed to paint a colourful castle with only the primary colours available.

The children in Year 1 have had a great time during their ‘Forest Schools’ session! They chose specific materials for the purpose of building shelters! A great use of our woodland.


Year 1 have been exploring castles. We enjoyed pointing out all the different features of a castle on our trip to Warwick!

Daily Mile

On the way out to their ‘daily mile’, Holly Class were joined by some members of the school farm! Then they completed their run as a warm up before working on our gross motor skills in a yoga session.

Exploring our woodland