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Year 1

Year 1 are kicking off their ‘Healthy Wellbeing Week’ by story telling in the woods. The children have enjoyed making story sticks and telling everybody their imaginative adventures.

Look what Year 1 found in the woods! Could it be the legend of Robin Hood?

Year 1 have been enjoying some competitive running for School Sports Week. Click on the picture below to view the video on twitter:

The Year 1 children enjoyed getting out and about and exploring the local area.

Thanks so much to Adam for visiting #TeamEdwalton and delivering an action packed @miniathletics session to oak class. The children had such a fantastic morning.

The Year 1 children loved getting out and about to explore village features!

The Year 1 children are learning all about persuasive writing. Today, they tried lots of different fruits and wrote about which they think is the best. Can you tell which fruit they are trying in this photo!?

Some very impressed Year 1 faces after seeing their runner beans grow!

Holly Class are on a noun hunt!

Fantastic quarters around our Year 1 classrooms!

Year 1 planted their own beans today. We wonder what will grow first?

A big thank you to Jack from @westbridgfordtc for delivering two fantastic sessions of #tennis to Oak and Holly Classes. The children can’t wait to work with you again next week. It’s wonderful to re-establish our links with your club again!

Such fantastic creativity in Lego Club!

Year 1 have been using mirrors to learn all about doubling.

Year 1 have started their day investigating parts of a flower! So much fun, so much curiosity!

A very peaceful art lesson in Year 1

Oak class have been enjoying the start of the Summer term!

Fantastic detail seen in Y1 Lego Club. We have an office and a school here with many features that have been well thought out.

This afternoon Oak Class were surprised with not 1 but 2 African Land Snails. We are all thinking about names for our new members of the class.

Year 1 found something mysterious in the woods today! What are they? Who do they belong to?

Year 1 embracing World Book Day! Children reading in unusual places and some wonderful costume and setting efforts in the picture! Well done everyone!

Year 1 have been showing their appreciation for Sir Tom Moore this week. They have done some research all about his achievements and made posters to say thank you. Great job everyone!

The children in Year 1 demonstrated such creativity when practicing their tricky words this week!

Year 1 have been extremely creative with their Venn diagrams this week. We have sorted our animals depending on their diet.

We are investigating animals and sorting them in different ways. This week the Year 1 children have made posters to show vertebrates and invertebrates.

Year 1 have had a great week of home learning and have engaged brilliantly! Here are two ‘split digraph snakes’ the children made today.

What a fantastic start to home learning from Year 1! Look at their efforts. From writing all about our school farm, shape hunts to counting pasta or socks! We are so proud of you all!

The children in Year 1 used our outdoor space to spot shapes in the environment. There are more shapes than they realised, everywhere we look.

We have named our special e-safety penguins who will be here to remind us how to stay safe online!

A great start to the week for Holly and Oak. They received a parcel that contained a copy of our key text for the week ‘Naughty Bus’ and a toy bus to go with it! The children enjoyed reading the book and then ‘mind mapping’ all the bits they enjoyed from the story.

Some fantastic object control! We were rolling, kicking, under arm and over arm throwing to see if we could control the distance of the ball.

Year 1 had a great day learning about and celebrating Diwali - lots of rangoli designs, Rama and Sita role play and mehndi patterns!

The Year 1 children absolutely loved our taste experiment this morning. We were exploring our sense of taste by guessing crisp flavours.

Recreating the scenes from our key text ‘The Naughty Bus’ was great fun in Year 1!

A few fantastic ways we are using our Phonics books already!

Year 1 have been exploring object control in their PE lesson. We balanced sticks while walking. Look at our perseverance! We challenged ourselves with different types of sticks and the width at which we held them.

Just look at a snippet of the ‘WOW’ faces from Y1s Science experiment!


This morning the children in Y1 have enjoyed making their own Forky character. This will lead to some instructions later on this week. How fabulous do they look!

The Year 1 children have been learning all about primary and secondary colours! They have learned how to make the secondary colours and then painted characters from our key story this week.

Year one have been looking at new toys! They are beginning to understand how they move, how they are made and what they are made of. Next week, we will combine our knowledge of old and new toys to compare them.

The year 1 children have had an exciting morning! Following on from our key text ‘Lost In The Toy Museum’, the toys in our class had gone missing! We searched around our school grounds and found them near the pigs! How did they get there?

Year 1 have been exploring ‘What Changes Over Time?’ We found lots of old toys! We’ve noticed they’re made from wood, hand painted and are not battery powered. We have also noticed how people change. We looked at photos of the teachers as babies. “Hair changes but eyes stay the same!”

Holly Class's pet, Alex, loves his new tank accessories, donated by Miss Russell.

The children in Year 1 have been looking at ‘The Colour Monster’. Thinking about the colour and the moods they represent, they made potions in our woods!