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Primary School

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Year 1

Year one have been looking at new toys! They are beginning to understand how they move, how they are made and what they are made of. Next week, we will combine our knowledge of old and new toys to compare them.

The year 1 children have had an exciting morning! Following on from our key text ‘Lost In The Toy Museum’, the toys in our class had gone missing! We searched around our school grounds and found them near the pigs! How did they get there?

Year 1 have been exploring ‘What Changes Over Time?’ We found lots of old toys! We’ve noticed they’re made from wood, hand painted and are not battery powered. We have also noticed how people change. We looked at photos of the teachers as babies. “Hair changes but eyes stay the same!”

Holly Class's pet, Alex, loves his new tank accessories, donated by Miss Russell.

The children in Year 1 have been looking at ‘The Colour Monster’. Thinking about the colour and the moods they represent, they made potions in our woods!