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What a lovely day for Foundation to be completing some amazing observational drawings of our beautiful school.

Ash class had fun in the woods with Mrs Kang making trails with sticks and natural objects.

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Foundation arrived at school to find lots of footprints. We thought they belonged to a bear as we have been reading Bumblebear, but were they Norman’s or the big bear's?

Foundation have been learning all about Ramadan this week. Ms Yasir talked to the children about her fasting and explained why Muslims fast. The children asked lots of questions and also shared their experiences of Ramadan.

Foundation have had great fun searching for eggs in our woods!

Foundation's woodland “eggsperiment” was a lot of fun! The children demonstrated great teamwork and lots of fab ideas about how to prevent the egg from cracking when it falls. Lots survived the drop and a lot of fun was had.

After watching the CCTV footage Foundation went looking for clues. They found a striped top, wellies, footprints, a torch and a rope as well as a map and a key and a cunning plan!

Foundation are on the hunt to capture the two villains! Mr Thomas has provided them with some CCTV from our school farm to help them with their detective work...

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Ready for action!

Saplings have been busy already making traps to catch Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len!

Another great week in Foundation! Lots of hands on maths about 3D shapes and fun activities exploring the story of the Ladybird Who Heard......I hope Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh don’t come to our school farm!

Foundation have had a great start to the week looking at the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard!’ Some of the highlights were the amazing story maps and edible ladybirds.

新年快乐 Happy New Year! Foundation have had a fabulous week learning all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Some very creative dragons and lanterns, as well as some very yummy food.

Foundation have been learning lots about Superworm! They have designed and made their own Superworms, learnt the chant, innovated the chant, made their own magic potions to rescue Superworm and lots, lots more. Fantastic work everyone! Well done.

We all need to see and show a bit of kindness at the moment so Foundation have been making and sending post to bring a smile to friends and family member’s faces! Some beautiful creations. We are very proud!

Lots of amazing home learning in Foundation but hedgehog themed baking has definitely been a winner this week! Look at our amazing bread and biscuits. Junior bake off, here we come!

Foundation have had a fantastic week! We have been learning lots about hedgehogs, the composition of 5 in maths and completed lots of great challenges. We even had time for a zoom story and shared our wonderful hello posters. Well done, everyone!

Foundation have been making bird feeders using pine cones to hang in our woods. We talked about the ingredients we were going to use, explored the RSPB website and discussed why we were making them at this time of year.

Learning in the woods

Having fun on Christmas jumper day!

It was a squelchy woodland walk today for foundation! We made lots of different noises walking in our boots and jumping in puddles. We also made sure the animals were fed....

We have named our special e-safety penguins who will be here to remind us how to stay safe online!

Foundation have done some fabulous ‘woodland work’ this week building homes for a rabbit. One even had a bed and a chair....

Children in Need

Science Day

Still image for this video

Fruit kebabs were on the menu for Foundation this afternoon. We have been looking at repeating patterns in maths this week and decided that we would eat our repeating ABABA patterns today! They were yummy!

What a week in Foundation! On Monday we found mystery poo and objects all over our climbing frame.... We have found out it may be a dinosaur! We have had a letter from Danny about the ‘Dinosaur who Pooped a Planet!’ We have been making traps to see if we can catch him....

A great time with Foundation exploring our woods. We found lots of interesting things and did some amazing colour matching!