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PE Lessons

Each child receives two hours of structured physical activity per week and cover a wide range of activities within their PE lessons. 


In KS1, the children begin by following a series of fundamental movement skills in their PE lessons which are designed to develop their core motor skills through a series of developmental activities.


These activities include the following:

  • Travelling/Stabilising
  • Travelling/Movement control/Core strength development
  • Movement control with co-ordination
  • Movement control with running and jumping
  • Object control
  • Object control with movement control
  • Spatial awareness
  • Hand/eye co-ordination


These skills, once developed are then transferred in to more specific activities related to game play and different game categories including striking and fielding, invasion, net and wall. Focus areas include:


  • Possession of Object/Ball within personal space
  • Invading Opposition’s Space
  • Supporting play and keeping possession
  • Attack and defence
  • Creating space/special awareness
  • Marking an opposition and dodging to space
  • Collecting and retrieving
  • Aiming/sending


The activities become more challenging as the children progress up through the year groups and in to KS2 and the small sided games move on to more recognised versions of traditional games including, hockey, rugby, rounders, cricket and tennis.


The children also take part in athletic activities including indoor athletics in the winter months and outdoor athletics in the summer term. They develop their competencies in throwing, running and jumping.


KS2 children work towards the British Indoor Athletics Pentathlon Award scheme. Any children reaching Gold on the ladder of success, are presented with a medal in a special awards assembly.


In KS2, all classes receive 9 weeks of swimming at Rushcliffe Arena, and non-swimmers have the opportunity to work 1 to 1 with an instructor in the water. We pride ourselves in the fact that all our pupils are able to swim unaided in the water on leaving Year 6.


Fitness testing/assessment

At the start of Term 1, all KS2 children undergo a series of fitness tests. This allows us to monitor the children’s progress over the academic years and support the children in areas where they show more weakness or the need for development. Children are invited to physical intervention sessions ‘Funfit’ which occur before school.


Fitness components include the following areas:

· Speed

· Agility

· Power

· Flexibility

· Reaction Time

· Hand/eye co-ordination

· Balance


PE Lessons January 2023

Pe Lessons at Edwalton Primary School