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Year 6 - Beech & Willow

...and farewell!

Thank you, Year 6, for a fantastic last week.

Fun on the farm

Another fun and varied week in Year 6. We have enjoyed time on the school farm and produced some outstanding fact files all about desert biomes. 

A busy week!

We’ve designed gadgets, constructed javelins, investigated in science and finally received leavers' hoodies!

Natural art

Amazing natural artwork from Y6, inspired by the artist James Brunt. 

Great work!

Y6 (whether at home or in school) have produced some brilliant work including coding, making our own discus and planning a music festival. Great work!

Project 'Colour'

Our Year 6 art project all about colour continues to flourish - with some fantastic prints, creative collages and terrific watercolours.

Fantastic work from home, Year 6!

Heading home for now...

Science & DT combo!

Y6 using their knowledge of electrical circuits to make their own Edwalton style steady hand games.

Breaking News!

Y6 reporting on the sinking of R.M.S Titanic. Future journalists in the making.


Amazing artwork from our Year 6s!

Exploring Electricity


All aboard!! A full Titanic themed day!
Firstly, water safety (so a lot of swimming in clothes). Then our classroom / children were transported back to 1912 for an afternoon on the great ship.

Faith & Culture Day, Jan 2020


Year 6 have been using twigs collected from our school grounds to make their own Christmas decorations.

Royston & Lund Sports Personality of the Year 2019

Which events have changed our world?

We looked at WW1 periscopes.

A creative afternoon!

Creativity at its best - a small selection of our Year 6s work about the different technologies used in WW1.

Visit from Rushcliffe School

Our Year 6s absolutely loved their visit from the Rushcliffe librarian today. Be warned - there may be a few late entries on to Christmas lists.


VIA Visit

The visiting VIA Team teaching our Year 6 about the importance of road safety:

The Remarkable Residential

The year 6 residential was a blast! With lots of activities and entertainment keeping us occupied, there was endless fun. It has been our highlight of our year so far. The superb staff always made sure we were fascinated, which enhanced our enjoyment. The food was top-notch and never failed to thrill our taste-buds.

The dorms were fairly spacious giving us enough room to live out of our suitcases with an en-suite bathroom.

Raft-building was definitely a favourite with everyone, along with the zipwire being an amazing experience. It was the best residential thanks to all the year 6 staff from Edwalton. A great memory to live with.

By Harry & Dylan (Beech Class)


Hands-on science!

Speak out, stay safe

Year 6 spent a very informative afternoon with the NSPCC looking at their 'Speak out, stay safe' programme.