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Year 2 - Cherry & Larch

Memories made

Our memories from Year 2.... thank you for making our unusual year fantastic!

Wellbeing week

Wellbeing week in Year 2 has been fab. Happiness jars, random acts of kindness, mindfulness and reconnecting with loved ones.

A busy week!

A lovely week in Year 2 jam-packed with book reviews, ideas about what heaven might be like, germs and what makes us special! Great job Larch and Cherry.


The Magic Box

Fantastic, creative work in Year 2 using ‘The Magic Box’ poem for inspiration.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a famous leader who was known for changing laws in South Africa. Year 2 are learning about what he did.

Our Dinosaur Museum!

Making Clay Fossils

Faith & Culture Day

Year 2 have had a great Faith and Culture Day!

Dinosaur teeth!

It's a mystery!

Oh no! Cherry and Larch Class have come in this morning and something has been in our classroom over the holidays! What could it be?

A wonderful nativity!

It's a mystery!

Year 2 have had a parcel delivered - what does it all mean?

Fire Service visit

Proud clouds

Year 2 have been making 'proud clouds'. The children wrote about what they thought other children were good at.