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Year 4

Dichotomous classification 1.7.22

Making a difference Y4's Sponsored Water Walk 26.5.22

Handel Inspired Music 24.5.22 We composed and performed our own music in the rain and shine!

Y4 pilgrimage Exploring the woods to find Christian pilgrimages and why they’re sacred places. 27.4.22

Solids. How long does it take chocolate to melt on your tongue 21.4.22

Y4 Easter Experience and visit to Holyrood Church 28.3.22

'What makes the Earth angry' What wonderful writing Lime Class!

Science - Take a look at your teeth! 23.3.22

‘Romans - rotten or revolutionary’ We loved our Italian afternoon to kick start our enquiry 23.2.22

Shading and smudging skills with charcoal 4.2.22

Electrical Circuits 17.11.22

Our intrepid newspaper reporters investigating the case of the escaped alpacas! 2.11.21

Comic relief

Year 4 have been making Ancient Greek pots this week from clay. They are now decorating them with Greek patterns!

Year 4 are learning about water safety with #rushcliffeschoolswimming #watersafety

Year 4 have been exploring some of the Olympian Greek Gods in Ancient Greece. Their creative posters reflect their strength and powers.

Our Year 4 children are thoroughly enjoying their Ancient Greece topic this half term. This week, they made some fabulous information posters about gods and goddesses and had fun acting out the story of Theseus and the Minotaur!

Year 4 have been learning lyrics and pitch to Mamma Mia - ABBA! Today we sang to each other singing the lyrics from memory!

Year 4 are responding to cyberbullying with some fantastic advice. We also discussed how we can block and report on our favourite online games.

A fun and exciting start to Year 4 with lots of team games and kick starting our topic, Ancient Greece, with delicious Greek food.

Wow! Look at the Year 4 garden!