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During their school life, many children will experience difficulty in one area or another. This special need could be academic, emotional, behavioural or physical or indeed a combination of these and may very well challenge the child’s development or learning. Some special educational needs are of a complex, long term nature and as such will always be with the child. Others manifest themselves for a shorter term and are less complex.  


The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO) at Edwalton Primary, Mrs Annabel Holmes, works alongside the teachers and TAs to ensure children get the best education to meet their individual needs.


Staff ensure specific interventions are closely monitored, held in the class wherever possible and inextricably linked to assessments. Provision is closely monitored and altered on a termly basis to ensure that it is appropriate to the child's needs and having an impact on their learning. A conversation between parents, the teacher and the SENDCO are held for identified pupils.


Many changes occurred in academic year 2015-2016 and the new SEND Code of Practice has been in place since September 2016. The most up to date policies and procedures are accessible through the links below.

Ultimately, as a staff we endeavour to do the best that we can for your child in this ever changing educational climate. Every child is important within our school family...see what they have to say: