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Sports Leaders & Sports Ambassadors

At Edwalton Primary we believe that leadership skills are vital aspects of a young person's development during primary school. Our leadership programme aims to develop Young leaders to support and deliver active play and lunchtime activities helping to promote physical activity amongst their peers as well as improved attitudes, behaviour and social skills across the key stages.


Children are engaging as leaders, coaches and officials within PE lessons and in during informal playtimes.


We have 4 sporting ambassadors from Year 6, Lucy, Naomi, Jamie and Jonah, who have attended a leadership training session at Nottingham Trent University. These leaders are attached to class sports leaders and act as mentors providing support and guidance to the younger sports leaders.

Together the sports leaders plan and are responsible for the delivery of playtime activities helping to promote physical activity. They are key role models to other children in the school.


Year 6 Sports Leaders – Chas, Evie, George, Charlie, Vivien

Year 5 Sports Leaders – Lulu, George, Harry, Jess

Year 4 Sports Leaders – Noah, Chloe, Daniel, Rosie

Year 3 Sports Leaders – Ava, Annabel, Isobel, Annabel, Michael

Year 2 Sports Leaders – Hope, Isaac, Dhaya, Belle