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Whole School e-safety homework, February 2019


EYFS/Year 1/Year 2 - using the internet safely

Create a short comic strip (up to 6 pictures) that uses your class penguin advising other children how to ensure they use the internet safely. It should focus on:

  • How to make sure you only use websites that are suitable for you
  • What to do if something happens that you do not expect (e.g. a pop-up appears)
  • What to do if you are playing a game online and someone is not very nice (cyberbullying)

Helpful link:


Year 3 and 4 - cyber-bullying

Create a short digital presentation (Powerpoint/Prezi) - or poster for those that do not have access to a computer at home. The focus is:

What is meant by the term Cyber Bullying and give examples of this

Give sound advice on how to deal with a cyber bullying situation

Show an understanding of the implications cyber bullying can have on an individual

The childline website will help with this homework:


Year 5 and 6 - protecting your personal information

Make a video or song (or poster for those with no computer access) talking about protecting your personal information. It should focus on:

What is personal information

What is safe to share

Who it is safe to share with

What to do if you think you have shared something that you shouldn't have

The childline website will help with this homework: